About the IACVAWC Logo

Key Elements

The twelve (12) circles represent the Council members. The circles surrounding the woman and her child depict the Council’s multidisciplinary approach in advocacy building, service delivery, and cross-cutting sectors to eliminate violence against women and their children (VAWC).


The figures that represent the woman and her child are both depicted with raised arms to symbolize their freedom from abuse and discrimination. 


The female gender symbol is transposed as the head of the woman figure to highlight the importance of educating women to protect their human rights and empower them to achieve self-actualization. 


The IACVACWC acronym is included in the logo for easier identification.

The design of the IACVAWC logo was approved in 2007 after a series of consultations, revisions, and pre-testing among the Council members. The logo establishes the identity of the Council and its goal to liberate women and their children from intimate partner violence.

Use of the IACVAWC Logo

No external party or stakeholder can use the IACVAWC logo without the expressed permission of the Council. The logo must not be altered or recreated in any way that violates the integrity of its design. None of the elements should be used independently of the other. The permission to use the logo shall be made in writing, signed by the designated representative of the Council. 


The Council name and logo shall not be used for commercial or monetary gain or advantage of any individual or entity. It shall not be used to endorse or appear to endorse any third-party entity’s commercial products, services, events, or endeavors.