Commission on Human Rights

Address: SAAC Building, UP Complex, Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
Tel. No.: (02) 8294-8704 / (02) 8928-5655


  1. Ensure the integration of VAWC core messages in its programs and projects;
  2. Conduct training on Gender Sensitivity, Women’s Human Rights, and VAWC for all sectors, including the police, military, and members of investigating agencies;
  3. Develop/adopt gender-responsive procedures in handling VAWC cases, including the preparation of applications for Protection Orders;
  4. Develop, produce, and disseminate information and education materials on women’s human rights and gender sensitivity;
  5. Provide free legal assistance to victims of VAWC and other assistance under the human rights protection services, including assistance in applying for BPO and protection orders in court; 
  6. Integrate VAWC efforts in the Barangay Human Rights Action Center (BHRAC);
  7. Investigate and recommend for prosecution violations of the Act; and 
  8. Monitor government compliance to international human rights treaty obligations related to eliminating violence against women and children, particularly in the UDHR, the CEDAW, CRC provisions, and other international human rights instruments to  which the Philippines is a party.