Department of Health

Address: San Lazaro Compound, Tayuman, Sta. Cruz, Manila City
Tel. No.: (02) 8651-7800


  1. Strengthen/establish Women and Children Protection Units (WCPUs) in DOH Hospitals for the health care of women and children victim-survivor of violence;
  2. Provide immediate personalized, gender-sensitive medical assistance to victim-survivors of violence;
  3. Develop and adopt a uniform medical protocol for all victim-survivors of violence;
  4. Create a monitoring and evaluation mechanism to ensure compliance of medical practitioners to the provisions of the Act;
  5. Provide relevant training to WCPU staff on women and children protection, which includes appropriate medical management, forensic examination, gender-sensitive counseling, and interviewing skills;
  6. Equip WCPU doctors with knowledge and skills that will enable them to act as expert witnesses in court, if necessary;
  7. Ensure validity and confidentiality of medical records;
  8. Coordinate with other government agencies and NGOs for a more organized approach to address different  nonmedical needs of the victim-survivor; and
  9. Conduct consultation workshops to integrate a gender perspective in policy guidelines and training for gender and health.