Philippine National Police

Address: National Headquarters, Camp BGen Rafael T. Crame, Quezon City
Tel. No.: (02) 8723-0401 / (02) 8537-4500


  1. Ensure the gender responsiveness of the PNP protocols and procedures in handling VAWC cases; 
  2. Establish an education and training program for police officers to enable the proper handling of cases of violence against women and their children;
  3. Develop and implement Police Protocol on Handling VAWC Cases under the Act and other related laws; 
  4. Collaborate with barangay officials, government and non-government organizations, and church and civic organizations in preventing VAWC;
  5. Revise its administrative disciplinary measures for police personnel who are administratively or criminally charged with committing acts under the Act;
  6. Develop and implement a nationwide community-based crime prevention program that deals with the issues of domestic/family violence, abuse of women in intimate relations, child abuse, and juvenile delinquency, among interrelated other issues;
  7. Establish consciousness-raising and skills-enhancement training programs in the form of seminars or short courses to be used for the training of all police personnel, including barangay officials and organized communities in coordination with the DILG, regarding the implementation of the Act, as well as related laws and international human rights conventions for the protection of women and children from various forms of violence and abuse;
  8. Formulate and provide regular issuances on institutional policies relevant to the improvement of law enforcement responses to cases under the Act as well as the development of the PNP as a gender-sensitive law enforcement institution;
  9. Coordinate with other government agencies and NGOs on the enhancement of programs and services for the protection of women and their children from various forms of violence cited under the Act; and 
  10. Monitor the established mechanisms for compliance and commitment of the police personnel to implementing  the Act.